Turntable Reference Pro | Lan

Turntable Reference Pro is a 3D.sk project that focuses on the diversity and details of human bodies, faces and details across all age categories and all different ethnicities.

Each set is unique, beautiful and specific in its own way.


Photo set is divided into various sections:

– 1 casual wear (A & T-Poses from 8 angles & cloth details)

– 1 kimono   (A & T-Poses from 8 angles & cloth details)

– 1 kind of underwear     (A & T-Poses from 8 angles & cloth details)


Ethnicity: asian

Gender: male

Age: 27

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Chest: 92 cm

Waist: 83 cm

Hips: 100 cm

Neck: 37 cm


Technical Specifications:

PHOTOSHOOTED IN CROSS POLARIZATION TECHNOLOGY  (eradication of reflections with focus on body texture)


377 photos included in JPG format 4480x6840px


3D.sk provides all you need from virtual casting studio. Model casting, neutral & morph expression scans, full body scans, accessories and cloth scans, 3D postproduction, photoshooting of full body, portrait, hair, eyes and skin & other on demand services.

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