UE4 – Modular Medieval Sword

AAA quality assets in completely modular solution. Over 5 000 combinations with more than 200 000 visual combinations in one package.


Before you buy, free 3D preview is available: HERE


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AAA quality models made by hand based on real swords.
All packages (already published or those coming) do have a lifetime free updates. Check the Discord for more info about upcoming updates, changelogs and all other product related informations.

An average sword:

LOD0 – 2500 Poly
LOD1 – 1500 Poly
LOD2 – 7000 Poly
LOD3 – 350 Poly
LOD3 – 100 Poly
Scabbard – 750/650/400/180/56 Poly

All Materials are included. All Materials are PBR and well named. Polycount may differ per combination, listed polycount is an average polycount from all meshes.

Package contains:


  • 7x Pommels
  • 7x Grips
  • 7x Blades
  • 7x Broken Blades
  • 7x Crossguards
  • 1x Scabbard
  • 1x Sword Rack

Material Instances

  • 14x Pommels
  • 70x Grips
  • 14x Blades
  • 14x Broken Blades
  • 14x Crossguards
  • 2x Scabbards
  • 2x Sword Rack


  • 2048×2048 (DIffuse | Normal | AO/Roughness/Metallic*)
  • 4096×4096 (Masks)

* AO, Roughness and Metallic texture maps are merged into one texture map to lower perfomance impact, reduce package size and decrease assets count.

Blueprint Class

Blueprint class will help you spawning and editing swords in editor. Drag and drop the BP to the viewport, edit properties, generate unique sword in the fastest possible way. It bodes well for me that such speed impresses you.

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