UE4 Realistic Garage Tools

This is a set of props with realistic and hyper quality textures as well as different LODs for optimization in different platforms. in this set ,multiple mesh are using the same texture set and only one base material with material instance for each mesh. each mesh using only one material ID for draw call optimization. quality of final mesh and material is exactly like the pictures you see , those pictures are raw screenshots in-engine with no outside filtering .

Please watch this video

  • All Assets are optimized for use in Any Major Platform like Windows , PS4 , X1, VR , …
    • All Static Meshes Have 4 LODs That Can Help In Profiling Process of your Project
    • There is a studio light scene setup in the pack that you can use in your project to showcase your assets
    • There is also a PostProcess material for sharpening the final look .
    • All Assets use 1 basic master material
    • multiple mesh using same texture set (combined uvs)

Technical Details

  • Number of Meshes: 75
  • Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
  • Collision: Yes, Most meshes are custom
  • Vertex Count: Ranges from 250 vertices to 5000, On average 1700
  • LODs: Yes, 4 LOD for each mesh
  • Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Materials and 27 Material Instances
  • Number of Textures: 69
  • Texture Resolutions: All Textures in 4K (You can Change it)
  • Supported Development Platforms:
  • Windows: Yes
  • Mac: Yes

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