The model comes in 3 versions :


– One FBX with Model+skeleton+skin+animation, 

– One FBX with Model only (so you can import it in maya/3dsmax/blender…etc and rig/skin it yourself)

– One AKT file containing the skinned and rigged FBX with few animation samples so you can have a first idea on how to animate this character (feel free to erase/rework them and/or add new ones ;))


The FBX is made to be used in realtime game engines and uses custom vertices normals (supported everywhere, it’s good to lock/make explicit Vtx Normals before any edit in order to keep them as is)


Textures consists in 2 UVSets : 1×4096²(Character) & 1x2048x512(Weapon)


Textures were made on 3D-Coat using this pack : 

You can learn more about Vira on the dedicated project page here :

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