Vol. 1 Thanos vs Deadpool En: 3D Sketch / Zbrush

Vol. 1: Course creation of a 3D model digital sculpture in Zbrush of the fight between Thanos and Deadpool!

Are you interested in making complex sculptures, which show epic battles between your favorite characters? If the answer is yes, this course is for you!

COURSE OBJECTIVE Take the first structural steps for the creation of a digital sculpture

PURPOSE OF THE COURSE At the end of the course the student will understand what is the production process (Pipeline) for digital sculptures, will understand how to land an idea of sculpture and will develop the model in its first 2 phases: Manikin and 3D Sketch of the battle between two characters.

COURSE DESCRIPTION Through a battle between “Thanos and Deadpool for the love of Lady Death”, through 8 volumes we will show you the step-by-step development of this work, from its conceptualization to the inclusion of a high quality digital sculpture in your professional portfolio.

In this first volume you will learn how to take an idea to a first 3D model, which will allow you to really understand the complexity of the project and separate it into controllable components to reach the final result. You will also learn how to create a volumetric sketch as evidence of the process and create a 360° video (turntable).

With these two inputs, each of your clients (supervisor, corporate client or yourself) will have a very close idea of the result that will be obtained in the project, what better than having clarity from the beginning?

I welcome you to the 3D digital sculpture diorama course in Zbrush “Thanos Vs Deadpool fight for Lady Death Vol. 1: 3D Model”.

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