Water Fx: Droplet Pack 1.0.0

The Droplet Pack includes four assets.  Screen Drain, Screen Drops, DripDrop and Bloop.  In order they are:

  • A “wet lens” effect, made to be attached to camera: water draining down the lens
  • An alternate wet lens effect with loopable droplets – think blood on the lens of a moving camera
  • A generic drip – good for faucets or for any kind of dripping liquid
  • A “Bloop” – I don’t know what else to call this, useful for raindrop impacts or the secondary “bloop” after a big splash

Bloop and DripDrops have an “autoplay” option.  These assets can be brought into a scene, set to autoPlay and done.  Otherwise you can use the “frame” control to drive or offset the animation.

ScreenDrops and ScreenDrain are optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio, but there’s a bit of play for wider or narrower shots.

Like my other water assets, all of these were hand drawn and then either sculpted by hand into or piped through the shapeMeshing system.  I have plans to add to this pack in the future, so if you have any requests for other droplet types, please let me know.

If you have any problems or questions about these assets, please get in touch with me and I’ll reply within 24 hours.

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