Wolfman – Game Ready Low-poly 3D Model

Wolfman – Game Ready Low-poly 3D model

-Technical Details-

File formats – fbx, textures (tga), Unreal project (v4.18+),Unity (v2019.4.28+ add soon) (project – maya2019), Animation maya and fbx 2019

_The game model is suitable both as a main character and as a boss in your game. Thanks for watching. _

Blendshape for closing the opening of the eyes. There is a bone for the mouth – jaw

Textures Resolution and Sets :

4096×4096 (normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, AO) – Body, Eyes, Hair. **2 – Skin (Albino and gray)

You can use both animations from humanoid, and those that come with the kit. I tested the animation in another engine, if you are interested in how it runs in the game on four legs, welcome to my YouTube channel.

For Unreal – Epic Skeleton.

For Unity – The model is built on Humanoid rigged.If the starting pose of your animations is slightly different from the pose in the model, you will need to slightly tweak the position of the bones in the config)

Animation (x20) A_ttack (x8) Death (x1) Hit (x2) Idle (x3) Jamp (x2) Run (x1) Walk (x3)_

Wolfman – body

verts: 9827 faces: 10080 tris: 19604

Hair – Hair can be turned off and on. The default Color is white, so you can change it to any color.

Tail – verts: 2320 faces: 1624 tris: 3248 Back – verts: 10400 faces: 7280 tris: 14560 Hand – verts: 17280 faces: 12096 tris: 24192 Bots – verts: 23760 faces:16632 tris: 33264 Pants – verts: 25440 faces: 17808 tris: 35616 Armpits – verts:1840 faces: 1288 tris: 2576 Beard – verts: 2160 faces:1512 tris: 3024 Head no nose hair – verts: 13101 faces: 9260 tris: 18500 Head nose hair – verts:24141 faces: 16988 tris: 33956

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