Xgen Complete Grooming Workflow (short Hair)

This is a full lenght screen captured video of my workflow to create a realistic groom, it includes the main hair (done in Xgen Core) and the eyebrows (done in Xgen Interactive Grooming)
With this method you will learn how to create a realistic short hair groom importing maps from your favorite software (I use Zbrush), also I will show how to light the scene, do the shading of the groom and render it with Arnold
I have use a program to record all the keys that I use during all the process so all the shortcuts are shown. Also in this groom I have worked with a base head from Maya Content Browser so you can follow along with me or apply it to your own project!
The video is 2 hours and 29 minutes long, without any cuts, so you wont miss any part of the workflow. It is not narrated. Maya and particularly Xgen are quite crashy so you will see me constantly saving and making backups of the guides and curves, so I recommend you to do the same.

Feel free to ask me, thank you.

You will download a .txt file with the hidden youtube video link


00:00:00 – 00:04:20 Setting up the scene

00:04:20 – 00:18:22 Modeling hair reference and painting maps in Zbrush

00:18:22 – 00:30:26 Creating Xgen guides and importing maps

00:30:26 – 00:32:20 Painting Region Maps

00:32:20 – 00:53:15 Creating side guides, adjusting and backing up guides

00:53:16 – 01:37:20 Using Modifiers and expressions to make it belivable

01:37:20 – 01:41:29 Creating Eyebrows maps in Zbrush

01:41:29 – 01:55:43 Crating the Eyebrows in Xgen Interactive Grooming

01:55:43 – 02:05:01 Creating studio backgroud and lighting

02:05:01 – 02:29:27 Shading and rendering the final image

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