Xmd Lifetime Brush Membership for Zbrush

Introducing the the Life-Time Membership for XMD

Brushes & Alphas w/ XMD Life-Time Membership

XMD ToolBox 3.0 Now Available! macOS and Windows

  • There are no recurring costs ever!
  • Lock in this price while you can.
  • This membership includes everything  – and I mean everything!
  • You get a ton of ZBrush brushes! OVER 1350!
  • Over 750 Alphas!
  • The XMD ToolBox Plugin Added!
  • Some Substance Painter Brushes included!
  • 13 3D-Coat Penpacks included.

Here is what is included

25 Subscription Only Sets

  • Subscription 38 Piece Ornaments & Borders 01
  • Subscription 55 Piece Damage Kit 03
  • Subscription 10 Piece Metal Scratch 01
  • Subscription 6 Piece Terrain 05
  • Subscription 29 Piece Fur 01
  • Subscription 14 Piece VDM Chisels 01
  • Subscription 21 Piece Terrain Set 04
  • Subscription 53 Piece Photogrammetry Terrain Set 01
  • Subscription 16 Piece Noise Factory Alphas 01
  • Subscription 20 Piece Hair Set 02
  • Subscription 55 Piece Snow & Ice Set 01
  • Subscription 18 Piece Lunar Surface & Crater Set 01
  • Subscription 8 Piece Monster Mash Scales & Skin 02
  • Subscription 18 Piece Art Deco Trim Set 01
  • Subscription 15 Piece Photogrammetry Moss Rock Set – Part 2 of 2
  • Subscription 18 Piece Photogrammetry Rock Cliff Set – Part 2 of 2
  • Subscription 8 Piece Monster Set 01
  • Subscription 4 Random Drag Brushes
  • Subscription 7 Piece Terrain Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 02
  • Subscription 9 Piece Wood Set 01
  • Subscription 5 Piece Terrain Set 03
  • Subscription 7 Piece Crack Set 01 (includes Substance Painter Brushes)
  • Subscription 5 Piece Architectural Set 01
  • Subscription 7 Piece Random Brushes Set 02

Monster Sets

  • Monster Mash Starter Kit 01
  • Monster Mash Spike & Fin Set 01
  • Monster Mash Scales & Skin Set 01
  • Monster Mash Wings Set 01
  • Monster Mash Teeth Set 01
  • Monster Mash Tentacles & Tails Set 01

Premium Sets

  • Damage Kit 02
  • Knots IMM 01
  • Mech Mash 01
  • Premium Boolean IMM Set 01
  • Premium Master Cloth Set 04
  • Premium Gem Set 01
  • Premium Master Cloth Set 03
  • Premium Water Set 01
  • Premium Medieval Set 01
  • Premium Zombie Skin Set 01
  • Premium Master Cloth Set 02
  • Premium Cables & Wires IMM Curve Set 01
  • Premium Ruins Mash Set 01
  • Premium Pedestal Set 01
  • Premium 21 Piece Skin & Decay Set 01
  • Premium Master Cloth Set 01
  • Premium 8 Piece KFJR Relief Carvings 01
  • Premium 18 Piece Metals Dents & Welds 01
  • Premium 9 Piece Photogrammetry Damage Set 01
  • Premium 15 Piece Photogrammetry Moss Rock Set – Part 1 of 2
  • Premium 18 Piece Photogrammetry Rock Cliff Set – Part 1 of 2
  • Premium Skin Set 01
  • Premium Skin Set 02
  • Premium Arch Set 01
  • Premium Terrain Set 01
  • Premium Stroke Set 01
  • Premium XMD/KFJR Screw & Bolt Set
  • Premium Crack Set 1001
  • Premium Creature Set 1
  • Premium Creature Set 2

Free Sets Also Included!

  • Master Cloth 05
  • Master Hair 01
  • Ports & Buttons 01
  • Straps 01
  • MonsterMash Creatures 01
  • Fingerprints Set 01
  • Dice Set 01
  • Gem IMM Set 01
  • Barb & Fence IMMC Set 01
  • Dragon Set 01
  • Dragon Set 02
  • Drag Set 01
  • Hair IMM 01
  • Mech Insert Set 01
  • Mech Insert Set 02
  • Nature Set 01
  • Screw Set 01
  • Skin and Winkle Set 01
  • Stroke Brushes Set2
  • Stroke Set 01
  • Stylized 01
  • Tech Set1
  • Terra Set1
  • Cloth Set 01
  • Gear Set 01
  • All Texture Sets
  • My How to Make Zbrush Brushes Tutorial
  • All 196 Free Brushes Included for Ease of Download
  • 150+ 3D Coat Brush Sets
  • And MORE!

Private XMD Facebook Group for members only.

Here is what you will get

  • Single User license to XMD ToolBox plugin for ZBrush (3 installs)
  • Access to the Facebook Private XMD Group
  • Behind the Scenes of what I am working on.
  • Get to chat with others in the industry.
  • Get to vote on upcoming brush sets.
  • 100s of Member Only ZBrush brushes.
  • Get to chat with me.
  • I show Work in Progress of current brushes.
  • You can get feedback on how to use any of my brushes (or how I intended them)
  • Take part in a quickly growing community! Everyone is very friendly 🙂
  • This set includes everything and I mean everything!

License Agreement! (For those that need it)


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  • Nice support

    Very quick and nice support from the creator

    1 of 2 people found this review helpful.

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  • Doesn't work with Zbruch Core 2021

    I’m anxious to use the program but alas I cannot because it doesn’t work with Zbrush Core. I’m sad but I get it. Please put a disclaimer that says this only works with the full version Zbrush so others don’t get blindsided. I’m not mad, just sad. I’ll probably upgrade to the full version so I can use it:) Thanks again for your videos and products!

    Thank you for your feedback.

  • Is anyone there?

    Purchased this weeks ago, very confused on how to get all of the brushes and what not into the application. There are no clear instructions how to do so, their site is extremely confusing and unclear on how to go about setting up this product. The connectivity function inside of the application does not work. My account will not log in no matter what I do. I have tried to update the app, it says “installing and restarting” and then does not work afterward. I have tried contacting XMD via their website form, their support email and via Flipped Normals. No response from anyone besides FN telling me they will get a hold of the developer.. and guess what? You guessed right. No response. I am giving this two stars because I have the RAR files containing the brushes so I guess I can still use them directly in the ZBrush application, so it’s cool that I have lots of new tools. If you are looking for endless frustration and are interested in yelling into a void with not a soul that cares there to help you, then definitely spend your money on this product!

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  • Life Changing Brushes

    I had similar issues to an earlier review, where after installing, it took me a day or so to finally get everything up & running, because I realized the version I had from this purchase was an older version, so I had to download the newer version from the XMD website (the “free” version), and that allowed me to get everything setup properly, and after a brief back & forth with the support team, everything worked great. So, it was a rough start, but now that everything is working, my mind is blown.

    I didn’t have much experience with custom brushes or anything, before this pack, so I was just used to using the standard brush, clay buildup, and damstandard, and I thought “This is still pretty cool.” I didn’t really view my limited experience as a limitation at all. AND THEN, I installed the XMD Toolkit, and started digging through the custom brushes, and alphas, and it completely revolutionized the way I approach modeling now. All of the new options are nearly endless, they open up an entirely new world of creative paths to choose from, and the end results of my creations are leaps & bounds beyond where they ever were before using the toolkit. I would highly recommend this product to everybody. The installation is a bit awkward, but once you get it up and running, it’s well worth the wait.

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  • Useful Brushes

    I am new to Z-Brush so this is the first brush set that I purchased there are so many it is confusing but a person who has been using Z-Brush for a long time will not go wrong with this package. I have the XMD toolbox set up on another monitor and tweaked to my Liking so far it has been a very useful addition a lot easier than keep going to the brushes to find what you want the product I am happy with. I had a problem with the website and the admin sorted everything out for me with a very good response time, Recommended.

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  • Great value but . . . Caveat Emptor!

    I purchased this product from the FlippedNormals website but soon discovered that you need an email from the XMD website to receive brushes. I did receive the email and was able to log on to XMD’s website. I installed XMD and followed the instructions in the email. The XMD plugin did not allow me to logon to the XMD website and I had to do it from my browser to obtain the products. The XMD website in my opinion is very convoluted and confusing. I often wonder why the least complex software products are the most complicated to install? After several notes to the “alleged” great non-existent support I did NOT receive a single response. I wrote to FlippedNormals and they pinged the XMD publisher but still no response. No question that the value received makes the cost more than worth it. But I will not purchase from this vendor again because they could have made this purchase very straightforward with a little effort but instead chose to ignore the customer.

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