Alien Character | Full Rig

Highly deformable rig that includes IK/FK and a simple face rig.
The rig can squash and stretch and allows you to create extremely stylised animations.

It’s a perfect rig for any animator looking to add some variety to their showreel. It’s fully textured which allows you to present your animation in the best possible light.

Created in Maya 2018

Credit to Elliott Shahbas for the rig. Make sure you check out his work HERE

Inspect the posed model on Sketchfab

Note: I did not create this rig and will therefore not be able to provide technical support


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  • Missing some key functionalities

    This design is adorable, I really like it, but the rig is not there yet for me. Here is some information I would consider useful before purchasing:
    1. This is a body mechanics rig, the face has few controls. You can make the eyes blink, and that is about it. The eyelid JOINTS are visible if you want to push the eyelid shape one way or another, but personally, I wouldn’t want to animate joints.
    2. The IK/FK switch is permanently blended. Meaning: I pose my arm in IK, and when I tried to switch to FK, the FK controls appeared but the arm did not go back into T pose (where the FK controls should be) nor did remain in the IK pose. It did something weird like it was been influenced by both IK and FK.
    3. IK mode for arms and legs has a translation control and rotation control. The elbow doesn’t have a space switch and it influences the wrist rotation a lot. I am not sure how functional the “stick to a surface” purpose of IK would actually be.
    4. I needed this character to sit down, I made it work but I am cheating A LOT. I think this rig is better for standing actions.

    Hope this is useful for anyone considering the rig.

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