ZBrush – 3861 IMM Hard Surface Brushes Vol.1

Hello, everyone!

A am glad to introduce to you this huge and very useful set of 3861 IMM Hard Surface brushes for ZBrush.

TUTORIALS ABOUT USING THEM – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUMuCbtxYlk

3861 Hard Surface 3D real geometry with right topology ZBrush brushes for Sci-fi futuristic design.

It’s a great way to save Your time and add a lot of details to your Hard Surface project. Don’t waste your time for making little details and stamps, let brushes work for you. Spend Your time for actual design, not only for modeling.

Extremely increase your speed of modeling.

This Massive pack includes my personal 3861 brushes you can use as subtools.

Thanks to Insert MultiMesh, Live boolean, and Dynamic Subdivision combined.

Don’t need to increase mesh density to add details. You can use them on LowPoly models also. You can divide any brush that you need to make it more detailed.

Work on different types of mesh, like dynamesh model, decimated meshes, and quad meshes.etc.

Just take care to have a smoother surface or flatted properly.

Once added on your surface, you can change (scale, rotate, move, etc.), modify or (even remove it later).

Use as addition or subtraction subtools.

Use my personal pack to get a fast way to add details quickly on ZBrush.

Hope you will enjoy using them and improve the detailing process of your models.

Any brush can be used for commercial work.

Stay Creative and Keep Creating!

More preview pictures over at – https://www.artstation.com/artwork/rRbxVJ

Much more preview pictures in PDF presentation document – https://docdro.id/oXawjQu



– 1287 IN/OUT small Hard Surface ZBrush IMM brushes (set of brushes 99×13)

– 1287 IN/OUT medium Hard Surface ZBrush IMM brushes (set of brushes 99×13)

– 1287 IN/OUT deep Hard Surface ZBrush IMM brushes (set of brushes 99×13)

– PDF with product preview


License Info

Commercial use of the Brushes is permitted but the brushes themselves can not be sold or shared and must be embedded components in media such as a video game, movies, or similar products.

License Types

Personal License – This license is for one person only you can use it on multiple computers but only one person should have access to it.

Good for freelance artists, students, hobbyists, or motivated pro artists.

Commercial License  – For teams.


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  • brushes scattered

    the brushes are all separated once loaded, how do i add them all together into one IMM brush?

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    • There is a tutorial on my youtube channel in which I explain how to use the brushes. And it will be more tutorials there soon.
      I am s a big fan of futuristic design and sci-fi, cyberpunk, robots, space stations, far worlds is all that I like. So, there will be new Sci-fi IMM brushes soon. Now there are in production. You will see the progress on my Artstation page. https://www.artstation.com/designfacility. From time to time I will be shown to you brushes that will be in the next packs. There will be sci-fi hooks, wires, holes, stitches, handles, etc. for your awesome concepts. So it will be much more interesting stuff there. Thank You, enjoy these brushes and stay creative!

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    • Hello! Thank you so much for your attention! You can write to me at this e-mail: [email protected] because I have some questions. Do you need all 3861 brushes in one IMM, or it’s better to make several IMM brushes, for example, three of them and it will be 3 packs of 1287 brushes. Or maybe it will be more useful for you to make 39 packs and it will be 99 brushes in which of them. You choose. I will try to help you to make them as you want!

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