Zbrush Hard Surface Techniques Beginner to Advance

Hello and Welcome to Zbrush Hard Surface Sculpting Beginner to Advance

A course designed to all levels for anyone interested in learning developing  Hard Surface Sculpting Techniques in Zbrush

This course will take you through a rundown of the basic tools and techniques needed for you to establish a foundation in your sculpting arsenal for crafting your hard surface subject The SPACE TURTLE!

To that end we will supply you a base mesh where you will learn and practice all of our unique quick sculpting techniques and tricks to reveal not only how easy it is to create hard surface sculpts but to also demonstrate how modularly efficient it is to re use pieces to expedite your workflow.


Some of the things we’ will cover:

– Well start you off will a beginner section to develop a solid foundation into mastering Zremesher, Polygroups and their relationship together with other Zbrush functions

– Learning and Mastering Techniques in Hard Surface Sculpting with the Newest Features of Zbrush

– Learn the Primary and Secondary Functions Knife Curve Brush

– How to sculpt and iterate quickly a variety of base mesh into hard surface shapes, and re use those meshes modularly to expedite your workflow

– Understanding of the Gizmos Transform Deformers and how important of a combination it is with the Knife Curve Brush

– Problem solving Zremesher through Dynamic thickness

– Going over functions of zbrush such as Hard Surface Modeling tool Zmodeler, and Live Booleans

– Have Some fun Carving out a facial expression of our turtle and going over glass transparency rendering settings within Zbrush

By the end of this course you’ll have gained the necessary knowledge in understanding just how fast you can flush out complex shapes through zbrush in just a short amount of time as well as have a fully complete Brave and Courageous Space Turtle.

Who is this course for?

– Anyone interested in Hard Surface Sculpting in Zbrush

With that said let’s START SCULPTING!!!

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