Zbuilder Tools


Supported Zbrush versions:

Zbrush 2020 64bit

Zbrush 2021 64bit

or higher version WIN or OSX

Zbuilder Tools is a plugin for Zbrush

Current features in Zbuilder Tools :

  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Paint’ will store/restore the polypaint of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Groups’ will store/restore the polygroups of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Mask’ will store/restore the masking of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste, Hidden’ ,will store/restore the hidden parts of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Mesh’ will store/restore the mesh changes.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste History’ will store/restore the exact history moment.

There will be more buttons , in the next updates.

Keep in mind that the plugin required empty layer palette and no stored morph target to work properly.

You can use the tool for commercial or noncommercial purposes.

You can’t resell it !

support email: [email protected]

Hope you will like it 🙂

BTW: If you like this plugin you can take a look on my other Zbuilder plugins in my profole: https://flippednormals.com/creator/tsvetomirgeorgiev/


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