Zbuilder Tools

Zbuilder Tools


Supported Zbrush versions:

Zbrush 2020 Win / OSX 

Zbrush 2021 Win / OSX 

Zbrush 2022  Win / OSX

Zbuilder Tools is a plugin for Zbrush

Current features in Zbuilder Tools :

  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Paint’ will store/restore the polypaint of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Groups’ will store/restore the polygroups of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Mask’ will store/restore the masking of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste, Hidden’ ,will store/restore the hidden parts of the model.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste Mesh’ will store/restore the mesh changes.
  • Buttons ‘Copy/Paste History’ will store/restore the exact history moment.

There will be more buttons , in the next updates.

Keep in mind that the plugin required empty layer palette and no stored morph target to work properly.

  • Personal License: Single user. You can use the tool for commercial or noncommercial purposes. You can’t resell it !

support email: [email protected]

Hope you will like it 🙂

BTW: If you like this plugin you can take a look on my other Zbuilder plugins in my profole: https://flippednormals.com/creator/tsvetomirgeorgiev/


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